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Wimbledon Village Clock Tower. Listed. Wimbledon Village, SW19
Wimbledon Clock Tower. Wimbledon Village. London SW19



'The Clocktower', located on the High Street in the heart of Wimbledon Village was a fire station built in 1890 following the arrival of the railway and the rapid increase in the number of homes, shops and business in the village.  At the time the building housed a newly formed professional brigade with a horse-drawn, steam powered fire engine, and a state-of-the-art telephone.  The bells in the tower were used to summon members of the volunteer brigade in the event of a call out.  Overtime the building was converted into shops and a residential dwelling, and was modernised in 1968 before slowly decaying into a state of disrepair.

Being in the heart of Wimbledon Village ourselves, Holden Ford were proud to accept the challenge and responsibility to design and oversee the restoration of this iconic building.  Having made full use of our extensive experience of historic buildings and well-honed knowledge of traditional building techniques, the Clock Tower once again stands proud and has been preserved for future generations.

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